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  Qufu Yuanlin Archaized Building Construction Corporation (QFYL) was founded in 1983, it is a second-class enterprise that specializes in gardening and constructing imitation ancient-style buildings. It has renovated many ancient building sand has accumulated sufficient knowledge in the way of the attainments of Chinese ancient architecture and gardening. QFYL is now engaged in carrying forward traditional Chinese gardening and architectonics.
 This corporation has as its assets ¥18.15million including fixed assets ¥11.15million and floating assets ¥7 million. Among the 825 permanent workers, it has 4 senior engineers, 36 engineers and assistant engineers, 128 technicians. Apart from the 8 project management sections, QFYL has many other branches such as Decoration Company, Gardening Company, Imitation Ancient-style Architecture Designation Institute, Jinsheng Computer Company, Building Mistrials Supply Center, Glazed Tile Factory, Prefab Materials Factory, a timber Mill and a finish carving mill.

 QFYL actively develops its domestic and foreign business, it has assumed and accomplished hundreds of large projects. The main projects are as follows. Taibai Building in lanling Liquor Factory, Sunzi's Former Residence and an archaized street in Huimin country, Miniature of Confucius's Temple in the Garden of Chinese Scenic Spots, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, Laozi's Temple in Woyang of Anhui, the archaized office building of Kouzi Liquor Factory in Suixi, Museum of Gujing Liquor Factory, Congtai Garden in Handan of Hebei Province, and Nanshansi Buddhist Culture Tourism Zone in Sanya of Hainan. In 1999, QFYL took part in the building of "Qilu Garden" for Kunming '99 World Horticulture Exposition, it won two golden medals as well as high praises from the tourists and the superiors.

 QFYL stresses the amelioration of its infrastructure and management concept. Consumerism is the firm basis of its operation. Of the projects it has completed, 80% are of high quality.

 Solidarity, Devoir, Enterprising and Dedication is QFYL's motto; creating a beautiful and agreeable habitation for the clients is our tenet; high quality and prestige is the basis of our management. With the science and technology it has possessed, QFYL is expanding its business scope and will contribute more to the cause of gardening and archaized construction.

 With the honesty and trustworthiness we have, with the ideal of creating beautiful life space, we are ready to join hands with domestic enterprises and foreign enterprises on an equality and mutually beneficial basis.

 We are working for ourselves, for our children.

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